The Logic House by Integret Learning Games

There are 12 different games, which review such mathematics and logic concepts, as shape and color, counting, matching numbers and objects, classification, and comparison. In case of the correct solution, a young player will find 12 little houses with their cute joyful inhabitants. "The Logic House" has been developed by a team of talented teachers, designers, and programmers. The game is supported in English, Russian, Spanish, and French languages. Have a great learning journey!

Hello, Computer by Integret Learning Games

Parents and teachers could continuously argue on the appropriate time for children to start using computers. But for modern generation computer is a common and familiar way to get information and communicate with the world. "Hello, Computer!" is our attempt to get young players train their memory, imagination, and logical thinking, while operating with familiar computer devices and symbols. After completing each of 12 assignments, a child can check his or her work by turning the cards and assemble an amusing picture, which shows a computer device and its name. Let's play and learn!

Mice, Shapes, and Colors by Integret Learning Games

Our new game is more about math than it is about mice. Its main goal is to teach children to analyze, reason, and draw conclusions. A young player needs to decide, which shape out of the three differs from the other two in some way (by color, shape, etc.). There are might be more than one solution to the mice puzzles, so the choice is not always easy! To get to the next level, a player should collect at least 7 stars. Let's learn and play with our smart mice!

Kid's Sweets by by Integret Learning Games

They say sweets are not healthy for you. But they are very tempting... Our cook has prepared eight desserts for his guests, but one is always keep missing. Our young players would need to put a Sweet Detective hat and try to figure out what is missing? In the process they train their memory, attention, and reaction - the skills they would need in many life situations, not only for making a dessert. Watch out for the missing treat! Play and learn with us!